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book.jpgUnlock the doors of your mind and gain an understanding of your inner self through this wonderful collection of spiritual poetry!  This book contains the teachings of Tao Sifu Grandmaster Franklin , a Taoist Priest.  Through his philosophy, you will gain a deeper understanding of the inner self and become better equipped to cope with life's frustrations and challenges.  Often as we go about the daily tasks of life, it seems as though events and feelings are thrust upon us all at once, making it difficult to see our way clear.  Just learning to deal with the complexities of life can seem like a task in itself, and so is avoided or denied, leaving a person right where they started.  The ideal is to break down the complexities of life into simplicities without it becoming another task.  This theory is not only possible but has been put into practice. Throughout the ages, people in virtually all societies have searched for ways to remove stress from their lives. We learn from our ancient masters that the key to gaining peace and contentment lies along the path of meditation, where the separation of the physical and the spiritual allows a person to become an observer and not a participant.

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Teddy The Cat That Barks

Teddys_Logo0002.jpgTeddy The Cat That Barks follows a puppy who, at an early age, is adopted by a cat family. He finally finds out he is not a cat, through his relationships with his cat friends. His adoptive parents send him to “Thumper Hill,” a spiritual area, to learn words of wisdom from “Master Keno” and help him find his true identity. On his journey, he learns about love, kindness, and accepting others for who they really are.

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Teddy and the Fox

ResizeImageHandler.jpgTeddy and the Fox: Teddy’s adventures continue as he learns to test his courage and friendship. He faces his fear and finds out where his strength really comes from.

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To assist others on their path to happiness and enlightenment. To use the wisdom of Taoism, the gentle movements of Tai Chi, the healing power of Qi Gong and the spiritual tranquility of meditation to achieve the holistic balance of mind, body and spirit.


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